Scent of Spring - cover to come - Karen MulhallenThe Scent of Spring, Elegies Out of Season

Poetry, Black Spring Press Group, UK, Spring 2022

A unique style of documentary and witness poetry, Karen Mulhallen’s collection powerfully captures the turbulence of contemporary life, its individual crises and global disasters.

In this collection of 15 elegies, we travel through a colourful array of settings that include a little boy riding his bicycle through the wreckage of his hometown, Mosul; an animal rights activist attempting to rescue a truckload of pigs heading to slaughter; St John ignoring the refugees drowning in the Mediterranean and proceeding to write a chapter of the Judeo-Christian Bible in his cave nearby; in Toronto a homeless beggar woman unexpectedly showing the narrator a glorious Asian pear; and a Japanese fisherman traveling to northern B.C. in a redemptive moment encounters his childhood boat and an elusive spirit bear.

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