The Grace of Private Passage

Poetry, 2000, Black Moss Press, Windsor

Karen Mulhallen gathers much of her inspiration in this newest book of poetry from her travels, leading us on a fascinating journey around the world, into history, and narrative. Gradually we find ourselves guided back into some ancient poetic forms.

This rich global odyssey takes us from the mountains of Alberta, where the elk are birthing, to the rain-forests and oceans of Australia, and the streets, museums and countryside of Scotland.





I. Woolpack Farm. Boorowa

After we hoisted you up on the horse,
myself on the Welsh pony, Short Black,

Ross high in the saddle of his crazy beauty,
Karla the roan,

Jerry on the great chestnut stallion,
you on Molly, the sweet sorrel bay

wben you bolted away up the hill
leaving behind only a trail

of girlish laughter, I tried
to gather your pearly giggles

as they flew, restring
the necklace of delight

marvelled at your gallop:
Hold tight now. Go on, Go on.