Seasons in an Unkown Key

Poetry, Tightrope Books, April 2017

In her latest collection of poetry, Karen Mulhallen takes us on a physical journey through the course of a year and on a spiritual journey through many lives. The beauty of birds, the amour fou of the inconstant lover, the rapture of the past in the history of Toronto Islands and of the city of Pompeii. This is a poet at the height of her art, crafting language and rhythm, to mirror the ebb and flow of the scene. A compelling and devastating group of poems.

“Through Mulhallen’s poems we enter ‘the mangled beauty of the world.’ In the small universe of her exquisite urban garden visited by hawks; in the large univers of her language where words, archaic and madern, sing, we share her elegiac apology to our despoiled planet and her need to celebrate the beauty of now, with love and longing.”

— Rosemary Sullivan, author of Stalin’s Daughter


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