Sheba and Solomon

Poetry, 1990, Black Moss Press, Windsor

Ilustrations by Virgil Burnett. Hand-printed by Morriss Printing Co., in Victoria, British Columbia.






A poem for voices

discovered in a case of sandalwood,

said once to have been

the property of the Queen of Sheba





Sheba and Solomon

Armbound, bonded, they stand
bone on bone
warm breath circling nostril
and then they are
cloud and fire
queen and king
old    newborn
the one
the always.

in a motion of frenzy
the king marches
strides east      strides west
sees his world
and returns
to find



evokes him

calls him forth    prepotent

to the one who stands now

before him.

They meet then decorously
history appointed
In prepotent velvet/
to velvet
woman and man
human motion
acting out
what has always been
bright horse/bright rider.